The things we make ourselves… are the things we love the longest.



The act of making can be a strange kind of peaceful magic. Finding a moment alone to create beautiful things in amongst the hectic lives in which we surround ourselves daily is a way for us to switch off, slow down, and make room for creativity. 

In a world full of fast fashion, fast consumption and fast discarding, it feels so satisfying to reclaim the responsibility and joy of making. To put time and love into making something by hand is a much slower approach than we are used to, but investing ourselves into the process means we will value the things we create far above the things we simply buy. We will take greater care of them, know how to mend them, and show them off at every opportunity. Craft is so much more important than just filling time!!

Here at Bon Bon Stitch we design, make, and package each of our Needlepoint kits by hand, so we know that every last one we send out is perfect and ready for you to start stitching!



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